Thursday, December 20, 2012

Weather Outside is Frightful? Are you Prepared?

With the weather now giving us snow, ice, sleet and rain, how do you protect your plants from winter? If plants are ladened with ice, try e need to put some anti-ice agents on your walks and driveways, try to resist putting down salt products.  UNLESS, your landscape designer has placed salt tolerant plants around those areas.  :)  Otherwise you will need to find non-salting agents OR protect your plants.  Salt can leach into the soil, as well as being washed into our sewer systems.  That agent will eventually work itself into our drinking water.  I am constantly reminding my clients to be cognizant about what they put on to their driveways, walks and lawns.

While the weather is frightful are you dreaming of warmer weather?  Are you going to be able to enjoy ALL of your property?  A landscape design is an inexpensive way to help you utilize your entire property and enjoy every bit of land you own.  Don't hesitate to contact one today.  Some of your best deals will be had reaching out to landscaping people during these "frightful" winter months.

Don't hesitate to contact me today.

Have a wonderfully warm holiday and new year!