Thursday, December 20, 2012

Weather Outside is Frightful? Are you Prepared?

With the weather now giving us snow, ice, sleet and rain, how do you protect your plants from winter? If plants are ladened with ice, try e need to put some anti-ice agents on your walks and driveways, try to resist putting down salt products.  UNLESS, your landscape designer has placed salt tolerant plants around those areas.  :)  Otherwise you will need to find non-salting agents OR protect your plants.  Salt can leach into the soil, as well as being washed into our sewer systems.  That agent will eventually work itself into our drinking water.  I am constantly reminding my clients to be cognizant about what they put on to their driveways, walks and lawns.

While the weather is frightful are you dreaming of warmer weather?  Are you going to be able to enjoy ALL of your property?  A landscape design is an inexpensive way to help you utilize your entire property and enjoy every bit of land you own.  Don't hesitate to contact one today.  Some of your best deals will be had reaching out to landscaping people during these "frightful" winter months.

Don't hesitate to contact me today.

Have a wonderfully warm holiday and new year!

Friday, February 11, 2011


In this season of record-breaking, frigidly cold temperatures and snowstorms, we are constantly reminded about the "storms" of life. Some storms we go through because of nature unleashing her authority. Other times we go through personal storms. Storms, whether of a natural way, or personal way affect our psyche in the same way. For example, if your home is affected in a negative way by the weather, you might think, "Why me?" "Why now?" "What did I do to deserve this?" Odds are favorable that if you are "weathering" a storm such as a health challenge, business challenge or relationship challenge, the same questions are coming up for you......Why me? Why now? What did I do to deserve this?

It is my personal experience that whenever I go through a storm, I try to do that minor mind adjustment where I think, COULD this EVER be a good thing? Sometimes it's challenging and difficult to even go there, but I find that if we can look at our "storms" as being a sort of housecleaning event of your home, heart, mind, or soul, that it might change your perspective. For example, if you just recently lost your job, you might think, "Geesh, Why me? Why Now? I have all these bills mounting up from the holidays. Now WHAT will I do??" If you say instead, "Geesh, this is NOT fun, but NOW maybe I can apply for that job I have always wanted to do, and who knows??? maybe this will all turn out ok." When you do that minor mindshift, you have just taken yourself out of the VICTIM role and put yourself into the TAKE CHARGE role. What a freeing place to be in.

Winter seems to be a time when we go within and look at ourselves, and our lives. Ironically, the new year always rings in during the darkest part of winter. How ironic, eh? The whole new year's traditions with making resolutions and setting goals, while we are in the darkest part of the year, forces us to do some of that "housecleaning". Storms have a way of tossing us immediately out of our comfort zones, which then allows for us to be very efficient and creative with how we deal with this storm raging through our life.

There is a wonderful quote by an unknown author that states, "The rainbows of life follow the storm." They always do, if you just look for it. So use this "blizzardy" time of the year to look within. Think about the storms of your life that you are trying so hard to "weather". Can you make the storm into a rainbow? Did the roof that caved in due to the bad weather need replacing anyways? Now you will have to replace it. Did you know that your boss was going to fire you and now you HAVE to look for another job, so why not choose a job that embraces your passion? Did you know that your relationship was not a good one, and now that they broke up with you, you are now forced to look for that "ideal" partner? Did you know your health was not good, and now that you have the "scary diagnosis or injury", you know that you will do better because your life depends on it?

If we would spend less time in our "pity parties", and more times embracing our wonderful spirits, our beautiful qualities, our positive attributes, and our creative ways in dealing with those raging storms that come into our lives, then we would likely come out of the storm and see the rainbow for what it is. A light, a beauty, a joy at the end of the storm.

I challenge you to look at your storms, deal with them, and force yourself to find ONE good thing about pushing through it.

I double dare you to make it an AWESOME day with a rainbow at the end!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Pointers for Moving Plants Indoors for Winter

1. Check plants for bugs. Squirt dishwashing liquid into top of soil and water thoroughly before bringing indoors. This will help to eliminate bugs before moving indoors.

2. Check for size of plant. If plant's roots are pushing out through the bottom of the pot, repot into a pot about 1" larger in circumference. Water thoroughly.

3. Move plants inside at night and then back out during the day so plants can get used to indoor lighting.

4. Remove dead branches, dead leaves and any other dead growth before moving indoors.

5. Once plant is moved indoors keep away from heat registers, drafty windows, etc. You will need to "mist" your plant to keep leaves hydrated and protected from dry indoor air during the winter.

Melissa Wittenborn,
Landscape Designer, Author, "GOING GREEN WITH YOUR SELF-ESTEEM"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ecological Responsbility for Yourself

In my book, GOING GREEN WITH YOUR SELF-ESTEEM, I challenge people to go within themselves while being in nature, to look for answers to their difficult life's challenges. Are you a weed? Are you a flower? Are you a storm? How do you perceive yourself? Do you hold other people's opinions of you in high esteem? OR is your self-esteem intact?

In this age of ecological responsbility, we constantly are doing the "right thing". We recycle our papers, we recycle our plastics, we buy fuel efficient cars and fuel efficient appliances, we install solar panels to reduce our energy consumption and we even try to plant native plants back into our environment.

But are you doing the "right thing" for yourself? Do you take care of your self-esteem? Do you place a value on yourself that is higher than anyone else's opinion of you? GOING GREEN WITH YOUR SELF-ESTEEM will give you some tools that will help you boost your self-esteem when those life's challenges are thrown your way. When your life's road takes an unexpected twist or turn, you will be able to quickly regain your confidence by using the tools provided in this book to help you move through your challenge.

So be ecologically responsible for yourself and treat yourself to a walk in nature when the going gets tough! Take all of your life's challenges and view them as blessings, as you bless and release obstacles in your life.

Blessings, always!