Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Pointers for Moving Plants Indoors for Winter

1. Check plants for bugs. Squirt dishwashing liquid into top of soil and water thoroughly before bringing indoors. This will help to eliminate bugs before moving indoors.

2. Check for size of plant. If plant's roots are pushing out through the bottom of the pot, repot into a pot about 1" larger in circumference. Water thoroughly.

3. Move plants inside at night and then back out during the day so plants can get used to indoor lighting.

4. Remove dead branches, dead leaves and any other dead growth before moving indoors.

5. Once plant is moved indoors keep away from heat registers, drafty windows, etc. You will need to "mist" your plant to keep leaves hydrated and protected from dry indoor air during the winter.

Melissa Wittenborn,
Landscape Designer, Author, "GOING GREEN WITH YOUR SELF-ESTEEM"